Ebay Indulgence

I’m a complete Ebay addict, I spend hours browsing looking for bargains. I love seeing what other people buy so I thought I’d share what I’ve bought this week for those as nosy as me.























None of my items have arrived yet, I’m hoping they’re semi decent quality but they were so cheap I can’t really argue, even if I only get a few wears out of them. Of course I’m hoping they’re amazing but time will tell! 

1. £3.89   2. £6.59    3. £5.38   4. £3.39


2 thoughts on “Ebay Indulgence

  1. I always hear of girls getting amazing deals like you did on ebay. Can you write a post on how to properly search for and find cute clothes and accessories on ebay? Possibly with screen shots? That site can be really disorganized.

    • Of course 🙂 I know eBay can be a nightmare to navigate, I’m one of those weird people that loves searching through dozens of pages to find something I like but lots of people can’t be bothered. I’ll try and have the post up by the end of next week :).

      Charlie x

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